Discovery-Learning Forum was formed in 2009 in Trinidad & Tobago as an organization committed to facilitating learning through the interactive play format. Discovery Learning is a method of teaching, particularly in the teaching of Science.

The Creative Director of Discovery Learning Forum (and of the River Lime game!) is a seasoned Educator with over (30) years experience teaching General Science and Biology at the secondary level. In addition, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours Botany and Applied Botany from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, along with a Diploma in Education with distinction in Teaching Practice.








It is an interactive, educational game played with 3-6 persons at a table and is suitable for children 8 years and over as well as adults.

The duration of the game may be between 20-40 minutes.

It is designed as a card game that allows you to lose or gain points as the game is being played.

The game deals with maintaining a clean environment and meets an urgent civic need to educate citizens in this regard.

It stimulates thinking and provokes questions on serious environmental issues, and may be used both in the classroom as a teaching tool and also in the home to facilitate family bonding and education.

The central theme of conservation of the environment has a special focus on the care of rivers and the sustenance of a healthy and flood-free environment.

It is also fun and relaxing!




For Educators
As a means to realize our national vision, River Lime personalizes one’s contribution to environmental sustainability, inculcates values, and educates on
practical do’s and don'ts, thus empowering the player.




As a Family Game

9Interactive and creative
7Facilitates bonding among family members of different ages
7Relaxing for adults
7Motivates children to read
7Heightens awareness of effects of global warming and
mitigating factors

Plus – It is an excellent way for adults to spend quality time with their children while instilling strong social values and attitudes.



Eco Activity

Find the organisms living in and near the river!
Develop food chains
Build food webs



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North America (U.S.A. & Canada)
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